About the Town

The Town of Zambrów, area: 19.1 km2, population: about 22.18 thousand.

Zambrów is located in Mazowsze – Podlasie borderland, on the Jabłonka river, in the south-western part of Podlaskie voivodeship, at the crossroads of important communicati on routes: Warsaw – Białystok /No. 8/ – Saint Petersburg (planned Via Balti ca), Olsztyn – Łomża – Lublin /No. 63/, Łomża – Bielsk Podlaski – Białowieża /No. 66/.

The town of Zambrów is a multifunctional development centre concentrating county and supracounty services in the fields of education, health care, social welfare, culture, trade, administration and business environment. If the population size is taken into consideration, Zambrów is the seventh town in Podlaskie voivodeship.

Mission of Zambrow: „Zambrów is a flourishing supraregion centre with favourable geographical location, equipped with fi ne technical infrastructure, developing economically in harmony with natural environment, attractive for investors, safe and friendly for its citizens, taking care of the increasing quality of life of the local community”.

Why Zambrów?

Thanks to its attractive location, as well as, finely developed infrastructure, Zambrów is an interesting place for investment location and developing business activity. The town offers lands for development at very favourable conditions. The lands are located just next to the main roads of the town’s communication network.

The town authorities welcome all investors, declaring comprehensive assistance and support.

Investment Offer

"Zambrów constitutes a perfect place for investing and developing business activity. We offer investment terrains located nearby major streets of communication system of the town, which are available for development on very favorableterms. Feel invited!”

The Mayor of the Town of Zambrów Kazimierz Dąbrowski

PAIH - Offer details 20-102

Provisions for investors

The land is subjected to tax provisions on immovable property. The tax provision is valid from the moment of declaring one’s interest in benefiting from the provision and is to last for five years.